My Thoughts on Going Virtual

By Karlee Toporek

Karlee Toporek has been in the Media Tech program for 4 years. She is an anchor, reporter, and producer for Real TV.

 On Tuesday, December 8th, the school board announced that we will be virtual for one week after Christmas break on January 4-8, 2021. Honestly, I see the point in that because it allows for students to have time to quarantine after being around friends and family during the holidays.  But if they are going to move us to virtual learning, they should keep us virtual. Face to face learning and virtual learning are two completely different concepts. Students who have been doing traditional learning are going to have to adapt to learning virtually for one week only to come back to face to face learning on January 11. 

I personally feel like I do more work when I am in the classroom setting because it’s just what I have been used to all my life.  When I am at home I feel more tired and unmotivated to do my work. When I am learning from home I tend to procrastinate my work, whereas in the classroom setting I get it done right then and there. So in different settings, I work differently. I feel like if they kept us on the virtual learning pathway, students could adapt instead of constantly changing their learning pathways. Even with the Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) days, it starts to get confusing because we have to change how we do schoolwork. 

I also see how the extra week being virtual allows for teachers to get caught up with lesson plans which is much needed for them and it allows them to get a break because not only is it hard for us but it’s hard for them, too. I just feel like sticking with one pathway would make it easier instead of having to keep constantly changing, because who knows what other changes will occur during the rest of the school year. 

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