Missed Opportunities

By Antonio DeJesus

This quarantine has affected me in multiple ways. Waking up later than normal and having to do homework for hours while balancing my job hours is difficult. Then coming home, doing more work, and not getting enough sleep just to do the same thing all over again the next day. Doing school work from home doesn’t help because some students, like myself, need help and learn better with a teacher inside a classroom. My school work has been conducted online in Google Classroom with things we haven’t covered in class so when you can’t contact your teachers it gets tough. School is way different when working at home. Being in school is great because I build friendships with people and teachers. I would rather be in school because I just like it more. Don’t get me wrong I love being away from school and at my house, but after being away for a month and having to stay indoors tends to get boring.

I’m staying productive and staying on task by finding a quiet spot where I can do my work, listen to music, and stay focused. I keep myself entertained by either being on social media or spending time with my family. This virus has affected work life because we constantly have to keep our hands clean and not touch your face. My job also had to close our dining room and wasn’t allowed to take any orders inside. It has affected me and my co-workers’ hours.

This quarantine has impacted my family by having us stay together for way too long. When you’re with someone for days and can’t leave, you start to get irritated with each other and start going at each others throats. So there’s much yelling and arguing under one roof. My parents have to work longer to deliver food to stores to keep the economy up and running. It also affected my parents by the other one having to work from home because her office had to close down.

My birthday was affected as well. I had to cancel my plans to go out on my birthday that I made months ago. Who wants to stay in a house for a month and not get to leave? I want to go out with my friends and have fun. I’m a teenager. This is the time to have fun with our lives but it’s kind of hard when you’re trapped in one place. I miss my classes, friends, and teachers. It’s something about being in a classroom that just feels nice. Being with others who you can have fun and laugh with is awesome. I know my friends are missing me and how I make them laugh. I just miss being in school.

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