Dealing With Seasonal Depression

By Eliza Dojan

Around the holidays each year, many people struggle with seasonal depression. Seasonal Depression is often caused by the change in weather, already existing depression, or anxieties focusing around the holidays.  Everyone gets stressed as the holidays come around, but seasonal depression is a state of depression that comes around during specific times of the year, taking away one’s energy and causing the person to feel moody. Even though seasonal depression can be hard to deal with, there are many things that can be used to help cope.

A few ways to handle seasonal depression are meditating, getting on a consistent sleep schedule, spending time with loved ones, and focusing on self-care. Even though family time and giving to others are the focus during this time, it’s important to focus on yourself around the holiday season. Meditation is known to create balance within a person. Establishing balance can help with controlling emotions, which is very important when it comes to seasonal depression. If you do surround yourself with people, make sure they are people who bring you joy and make you feel safe and calm. It is important to pamper yourself, too. Do a face mask or take a bath to calm yourself down and lift up your spirits.

The holiday season is all about joy, so make sure you’re trying to make the most of it. Put your feelings first, and make sure to communicate with others if something has you down.

Eliza has been in the Media Tech program for 4 years. She is an anchor, reporter, and producer for Real TV.

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