Music Review: Until I Return

By Jalen Johnson

Youngboy Never Broke Again’s latest mixtape, Until I Return is exactly what you expect from this new and upcoming artist. Coming straight off the heels of his last album Top which released in early September,  Until I Return  gives similar vocals but doesn’t sound the exact same as his last mixtape in which he showcased a softer and more open side his listeners have not heard from before. Top was a surprise mixtape that was teased just hours before it was released on Instagram, and is on track to sell 25 thousand copies within just over a week of its release. With the new album having no features and a surprise drop it did well on Apple Music. Within a day of the release it peaked at number three on Apple Music and currently sits at number 5 as of November 30, 2020.

The mixtape is on all platforms right-now and has 15 tracks. The most memorable songs on this album are “Around” and “Chopper City” which blew up on Tik Tok having over 268k views. The songs are mixed very well and complement each other well. As Youngboy continues to get bigger and his fan base continues to grow so will the appeal and the hate.

In my first initial listen I had to open my ears and listen to new vocals from this artist we have not heard before. Problems with the mixtape arise when he tries to mix and match autotune from song to song. This problem is especially prevalent on “Toxic” and “Emotional Torn.” These songs go from no autotune to a lot by the end of the song which in turn defeats the purpose of hearing Youngboy’s raw and uncut voice. With this just being a minor issue the mixtape is still a good listen and is worth the listen. This young artist can definitely attract the spotlight on any given day and, in my opinion, is an artist you need to give a try.

Jalen Johnson has been in the Media Tech program for 4 years. He is a reporter, anchor, and producer for Real TV.

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