Music Review: Anniversary, Bryson Tiller

by Connor Fuchs

If you are a Bryson Tiller fan, I think I can speak for everyone when I say nothing will ever beat his album Trapsoul. If you don’t know who Bryson Tiller is, he is an R&B singer/artist from Louisville, Kentucky. He debuted in 2015 with his album Trapsoul which is why the new album is called Anniversary because it’s been 5 years since his debut. Even though he has had a few singles drop since True to Self in 2017, we have waited 3 years for another album.  In my opinion, Anniversary was kind of meh. His song with Drake “Outta Time” was a little boring which I feel goes along with the whole album. My favorite song personally was “Years Go By” because it gives me the old Bryson Tiller vibe. The album was dedicated to his grandmother who passed away in April of this year, as you can hear a voicemail from her in the beginning of “Keep Doing What You’re Doing.” He has hinted at more music for this winter on Twitter, so hopefully we can get something better than this album.  The album’s songs reflect too many love stories and things he regrets with girls as if he has nothing else to talk about. You would think on an album that only has 10 songs there would be more than just one feature, but Drake has been carrying the game for years now so I guess it can slide. He has still proven to be one of the best R&B singers even though a lot of people are a bit disappointed with Anniversary including me. Nonetheless, I will still be bumpin’ this album because it still hits but compared to Trapsoul it’s a little bland.

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