It’s Fall, Y’all!

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Do you have the sudden urge for pumpkin spice lattes,  walks in the colorful leaves, going to the pumpkin patch, or staying up late watching scary movies? With the current weather changes, it may bring you fall nostalgia. During this pandemic it may seem like you can’t enjoy or embrace the wonderful season of fall, but I’m here to share 5 fun fall festivities you can still partake in, even during this pandemic! 

  1. Going to the Pumpkin Patch. What is fall without getting to carve your own special pumpkin, to decorate and take pictures with? You can still do this but new protocols will be set in place in order to keep everyone safe. Social distancing will be the number one priority at a pumpkin patch, making sure everyone is getting the pleasure of picking a pumpkin while keeping their distance from others!
  1. Take a Hike. Taking a hike can be fun with family and friends! This is a safe option since you won’t have to worry about being around a lot of people. You can enjoy the nice fall weather and scenery during this season.
  1. Baking. Who doesn’t love baking in the fall time? Be creative and make some spooky cookies. If you’re up for a little bit of a challenge, try making a pie from scratch. Make sure to have fun and breath in the deliciousness of fall time.
  1. DIY a Cool Halloween costume. With Halloween coming up, it might be fun to get a little creative with your costume this year. Try finding ideas on Pinterest and making your own costume. It’s a fun way to save money and be different by thinking outside of the box. 
  1. Carve a Pumpkin. Carving pumpkins is about as fall festive as it gets whether you like a scary, big, flirty, small, or charming pumpkin. We all know about carving a pumpkin, but have you ever tried painting a pumpkin? It can take pumpkin decorating to a whole new level. 

I hope I gave you guys some good ideas of ways y’all can have some full fun! Get a fuzzy blanket, turn on the fireplace and enjoy some Halloween and Hallmark movies. Make sure to stay safe and make some good memories. Happy Fall!

Emma Wyatt is a junior and in her third year of the Media Tech program.

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