Not Returning to School: A Junior’s Perspective

Karlee Toporek

I can’t believe we aren’t going back to school this school year. I know it’s worse for seniors but as a junior it is very sad to me as well. You only get to go to high school once and when they say the four years fly by, they mean it. It saddens me that the Thursday (March 12) we were all at school, was the last time seeing my senior friends at school. It hasn’t hit me that they are leaving. It also hasn’t hit me that we have been out of school since March 12 and that we aren’t going back. I was really hoping we would go back in May. It’s crazy how things changed so quickly, and how none of us knew we wouldn’t be going back to school. Along with not going back to school, that means we don’t have prom. I was looking forward to prom because it was going to be my first one. Also, I am worried about cheerleading. We were supposed to have tryouts the week we returned after spring break, but now I have no idea what’s happening with tryouts. I am thinking we will probably do video submissions, but that is just so weird to me and makes me sad because it’s going to be my senior season and I won’t be able to try out normally.

It’s weird to think about how life is going to be when this is all over, now that we are getting adjusted to the changes. I think about that a lot, like finally being able to eat inside of a restaurant or like walking inside the mall and being able to go shopping in the stores.  Although these are hard times, the outbreak has taught me lessons. It shows you how literally within a blink of an eye, things can change and keep changing for the worse. It’s gotten me to spend more time with my family and to appreciate them more. Also, to not take anything for granted and to cherish every moment.

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