Productivity in Quarantine

By Amanda Carver

The idea of being productive or constantly having to be busy is a mindset that is only the downfall of many people. It’s hard enough to be productive in everyday society, let alone a global pandemic. Although, this does not mean you should discard your regular at-home activities like hygiene or workout routines. 

Perhaps some of us would have never thought that we would be where we are now. The thought of social distancing and online-school has probably never crossed the minds of the majority of us. With this extra time on our hands, dare I say “gift,” the thought of being more productive isn’t a surprise. It is completely understandable to want to be more productive, but not all of us have actually acted upon this thought. Perhaps some of us have constructed a plan to renovate our houses or bedrooms, getting fit, eating healthier foods, or all of the above. Although these seem like very simple goals, during quarantine, it is much harder to get all of the motivation and resources needed. 

It is completely okay to not push yourself. Keeping up with your basic needs is enough! The best thing you can do is stay inside and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus!

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