Another Change in eLearning

Kailan Parker

Earlier this month, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster officially closed all non-essential businesses. That means no more nail salons, hair salons, bowling alleys, etc. This E-Learning thing is getting a little more confusing. Teachers sent out new syllabi for the online concept of learning. Can you imagine if we had to do this for the rest of high school? I like the concept of being able to stay home, but for some reason it feels like there’s a lot more work and it’s harder to do because I’m teaching myself about something that I don’t really understand. Anyways, I’m all caught up on my school work, it’s just annoying that sometimes there’s an abundance of it. 

I have younger siblings who are in middle school. They absolutely hate this way of learning. My youngest brother refuses to do his work and we can’t get him to do what he’s supposed to. It’s really frustrating to my parents because they’re trying so hard to know and understand when and how he’s supposed to do his work. My mom has to handle it by herself most of the time since my dad still has to work. He works the night shift so he’s sleeping during the day and working at night. Since he’s so busy, he can’t help my mom and it’s really frustrating to her because she wants them to just do what they’re supposed to. 

Nothing else has really been going on though. Just remember to stay inside, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough.. All that good stuff. If we work to keep ourselves away from other people like we’re supposed to be doing, this will be over a lot sooner. They’re closing everything down for a reason so just do what they want and stay inside. I hope everyone has a very good week!

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