10 Things To Do During Quarantine

Kennedy Smillie

So I’m sure this coronavirus situation has brought a lot to us that we did not expect. On March 15th, most of us were only expecting two weeks out of school at most and of course we were excited because woo hoo no school! Who doesn’t love a break? Here we are now at the beginning of April, businesses closing down, no school for another month (maybe even longer), we can’t go out and spend a day at the beach. I’m sure we’re all upset by this but there are still a few things you can do while you’re stuck at home.

  1. Bring out your artsy side even if you aren’t super artistic. Use your creativity to create a masterpiece of your own. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or even writing a story.
  2. Stay active. Do some research and find yourself a comfortable workout routine you can keep up with while we’re stuck inside. No need for a gym, imagine your own at home.
  3. Most importantly, keep up with your school work. Don’t make yourself stressed and put it aside to make up close to the end of the semester. A load of work is never fun so just give yourself a few hours of the day to do your daily assignments. Our teachers are working very hard to keep us updated, so do your part, too.
  4. Maybe you’re getting bored with your set up. Move your room around, do some rearranging. A new feel can really make you enjoy being inside more.
  5. Get in the kitchen! Find a recipe online and see what yummy food creations you can make with your ingredients at home. Everyone loves a tasty snack or meal to munch on when they’re bored instead of something they always have.
  6. Our parents have had a huge weight put on them too, trying to keep up with work, especially for those working from home. See if there is anything you can do to help them out.
  7. On a bright sunny day, which we have been having a lot of here in South Carolina, go out and clean your car, and if you don’t drive or have a car of your own, help your family members out and clean theirs.
  8. Do some chores around the house. Do some laundry, vacuum, or do the dishes. Again our parents already have a huge workload on them so let’s do some things to help them out.
  9. If you have a football or basketball hoop at home, make sure you’re getting some vitamin D on a sunny day. You can even play with your family members too. Vitamin D and family bonding, how fun!
  10. Lastly, keep up with your sleep schedule. Just because we are out of school, doesn’t make it healthy to stay up all night on your devices. We want to make sure were getting a good 8-10 hours of sleep each night so our moods stay good during the day!

Now how crazy is that?! I bet you had no clue that there was so much you could do while stuck at home. Maybe there is even more you can come up with. Let us know, because you’re not the only ones bored at home, we would love to hear what you have in mind!

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