Quarantine From the Perspective of an Introvert

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com

By Amanda Carver

Many changes have come into our lives since the pandemic, specifically the new way of “school” called e-learning. Many students have negative feelings towards this new way of school. Despite what feels like more school work, teachers are doing their best to make the online learning experience easier on students by posting schedules and available times for students to inquire about classwork. 

From my personal experience, it has been difficult to take the time to sit down and focus on my work. I find that it was much easier to focus when I had class time to work because there was nothing else for me to do at school. Despite these downsides of e-learning, I still prefer to do my work at home. It is much easier for me mentally when I’m not around other students. I find that being around others brings down my attitude half of the time. That being said, I strongly prefer e-learning.

Another issue I’ve heard from other students is being encouraged to stay inside. Plenty of parents have placed their children in a situation where they cannot go and see their friends because of the fear of spreading the virus to other family members. I’ve found little to no issues with this. Being a homebody comes in handy for the first time! Although, this is not something I’m proud of and has actually affected my social life in the past. 

Despite the frustration and confusion, I hope everyone can stay safe. Remember to not let this time damage at-home routines and your mentality! Stay safe!

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