What I Miss While In Quarantine

Emma Butch

As I write this, it is March 31, 2020, and we’ve been in quarantine for what seems like forever at this point. I never thought I would ever actually MISS waking up early and going to school and seeing everyone and not being able to eat whenever I want, but I do miss it. My routine at the moment is honestly not even a routine. I go to sleep around three or four in the morning. Then I wake up around one or two in the afternoon, shower and grab some food and get ready for work. Recently i’ve been working from 3-4 until 11-12 at night . I get home then do some schoolwork while eating some type of snack and usually pass out after that. I do the same thing everyday. I get one day off a week if I’m lucky and I try to do something productive on those days. On my last day off I deep cleaned my room and went through all of my clothes. This week I’m hoping to do all of my laundry and catch up on my schoolwork and try making this new coffee thing I saw on TikTok… nothing else better to do.

I truly don’t know how I feel about this whole e-learning thing we got going on. I like not having to be in long classes at school but I really hate that I am definitely being assigned more online work than we would actually do in one class period. Also being all alone doing schoolwork just sucks when you don’t understand something and can’t immediately ask a friend or a teacher for help. I do like that schoolwork is at your own pace, I would much rather have a bunch of assignments assigned and a due date than have one assignment posted everyday, that’s just my opinion. I guess the bright side to all of this is that I get to sleep in and stay up as late as I want and i’m taking the time to get things done like cleaning my room or eating healthy (things that are just way harder to do during the school week ). Also i’m working a LOT more so when this whole quarantine is over i’m definitely going shopping.

My other classes are Media Tech and Wind Orchestra. I miss those classes the most and especially the people and teachers (shoutout to Mrs. McCombs and JARTZ ). It’s made things harder in Media Tech for editing and not being able to work on things with the same devices and technology I’m used to. For band, it’s a whole lot different. I miss being able to play with an orchestra every day, practicing by myself just isn’t the same. I was really looking forward to our concerts, solo and ensemble and the other pieces of music I’ve been preparing and the band banquet. But I’m thankful I’m not a senior yet (sorry, seniors).

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and not going too insane during all of this.

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