Don’t Call It a Coronacation

Jaden Maynor

It is now April and I have done just about nothing during this time off from school. I have been bored out of my mind to the point where I am considering getting a job. So far, all I have done is sleep until noon every day, eat lunch, do homework, and watch YouTube videos. Let’s talk about what I have done outside of the house though. My step brother and I have this wiffle ball bat and blitz balls which are wiffle balls that have a lot more movement on them. We have gone outside every one to two days to play a few games of wiffle ball like we used to back in middle school. Other than that, I either go over to my girlfriend’s house or spend the night at my best friend’s house just to get away from home. My friend’s mom decided to go to Texas in a plane to see her boyfriend and come back potentially carrying the virus for all we know. Now I can’t even go over to his house for a couple of weeks.

Not only that, my dad’s work has reported a few cases of the virus and we have no idea who may be a carrier. My dad said if someone he works with gets it then he will be isolating himself away from the family until he feels safe being around us again. I feel like this is going to eventually happen considering how fast the virus has been spreading. My family is hoping that he will be safe at work and not come across anyone who is either sick or has been exposed. Now if he has to isolate himself, that means we each have to isolate ourselves too, because, of course, we don’t want to potentially spread it more than it needs to.

These really have been weird and confusing times but I know that the world will overcome it and we can go back to our normal lives eventually. I pray that everyone is safe and that you stay home or stay inside as much as possible, away from larger groups of people. Don’t forget to wash your hands and do not touch your face. Stay safe out there everyone.

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