Running the Distance

By Ben Abar

We have been out of school for three weeks now. With that comes boredom, and lots of time to find new things to do or old hobbies. I personally haven’t tried anything new yet but I have started some old hobbies again. One of the hobbies I started again is researching new technology (mainly computer parts). All that I do is essentially just compare differences between parts of different computer components from competing companies. I like doing this because I can see how technology is progressing and also because I personally built my own computer. This allows me to see how I can upgrade it in the future.  Saying this now I can see how this would be boring to others.

With all this time off there comes stories. Since people aren’t working they have been walking more frequently, I don’t walk but I run for our track team. So when some of us were running the trails we were seeing people a lot more often than before. For reference we used to go on a whole six-mile run without seeing anyone. Now we can barely go half a mile without seeing a group of 3 people. So we were running the trail and three guys on the team were about 20 feet ahead of me. There was a girl walking her dog which wasn’t small, it was 50-65 pounds. The guys ahead of me passed the dog without it even looking at them, but that wasn’t the same for me. When I got close I saw it’s eyes dart from the ground straight to me. I realized what was happening too late. The dog decided that I was a threat and jumped at me. He got a nice bite in and it hurt very bad. It doesn’t help that I don’t like dogs much either. The girl apologized and I simply said, “It’s ok,” and kept running because I didn’t want to stop running and get bit again. In hindsight it really wasn’t ok and I should’ve stopped. When I finished the run I looked at my leg. The dog had bitten my left thigh. It had punctured right through my shorts and broke skin. It left a big bruise the size of my palm. Later my friend, Ryland, made a remark saying that I have had bad luck for the past few weeks. I agree with him, because in the past two weeks I have cut up my knee pretty bad, got bitten by a dog, and tripped on a hole in the ground hurting my ankle a little. At this point I’m glad that I’m not seriously injured. I guess the moral of the story is to stay safe and social distance even with animals.

The worst thing about this quarantine is that my track season is most likely over. This really frustrates me since I had some big goals I wanted to accomplish this year. I wanted to break 5 minutes in the mile. Though I came close with a 5:00:41. At least I lettered. But we are still running everyday in the morning. Our numbers of guys running together are getting smaller and smaller by the day.  Last Thursday we had about 7 guys. Today there were 3. This is mostly because their parents don’t want them running in a big group and possibly getting sick.

As it goes now the predicted date for the peak of the coronavirus is in June. Also school for us is out until the end of April. Colleges are already out until the end of the semester and some states are in lock down until June. These things to me are a sign that we most likely aren’t going to go back to school this year. It looks like the seniors are going to be graduating online. I’ve kind of accepted this outcome now, though I don’t like it. I just hope that everyone is staying safe. I know this is stereotypical at this point but wash your hands and stay away from people and don’t forget to do your school work.

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