This Isn’t Easy

Abby LaPoint

 For most not directly affected by this pandemic, you’re living the dream. No school, sunny weather, no responsibilities.  But there’s a deeper meaning behind the early summer break for kids across the country. You’ve heard it all over the news, from your parents, teachers, and all social media platforms. Stay home! Social distance! Most people follow these rules mostly because they’re enforced by law, but what about the ones who don’t? For me personally, when I learned school would be off until March 31st, I was ecstatic like any high schooler would be. It then dawned on me that it wouldn’t be that easy. The district announced Elearning would  be done every day. How hard could it be? Starting the first day I would roll out of bed (without an alarm I’ll add), eat breakfast, look at my work and attempt the day’s assignments. For me, it’s hard to work and get things done without being taught directly. Our teachers put assignments in Google Classroom, so it’s easy to access. I do what I can for my first class and take a break, maybe eat a snack or watch part of a show. I know it’s not the teacher’s fault or anyone else’s so I try to make the best of the circumstances. 

Every day I’ve been doing the same thing though, maybe going out when it’s necessary to go to the store for my parents or quickly picking up food. But I miss my friends and I don’t like being in my bed all the time. I started going on runs and binging new shows to keep me busy. Oh, and lots of naps. Cheer tryouts were supposed to be held soon, there was a meeting scheduled for last Tuesday that got cancelled and no one really knows what’s going to happen to sports that were supposed to start practicing now. I’m trying to make the best out of the situation and if you’re reading this, have hope because you can, too! Read a book, take up a new hobby, and social distance because we’ll probably be here a while.

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